Harlekin Banquet Menus

The Harlekin Banquet menu is offered for a party of minimum 20 persons
and must be booked in advance.


Raw marinated scallops
smoked mayonnaise ~ grilled cucumber with lemon pepper ~ pickled beets

Smoked salmon cremé
grilled asparagus ~ dill vinaigrette ~ wood sorrel

Duck confit
red wine vinaigrette ~ walnuts ~ berries ~ fermented garlic mayonnaise

Crab/parmesan tarte
lemon/parsley gremolata ~ green tomato chutney

Main Courses

Beef tenderloin
onion puree og caramelized onions ~ carrots with garlic ~ pommes Anna ~ red wine sauce with Roquefort

Venison fillet
gooseberry glaze ~ apple/celeriac puree ~ roasted peanuts ~ mushrooms ~ pommes rösti

Miso-marinated duck breast
Jerusalem artichoke puree ~ baked onions ~ sherry vinegar sauce ~ potato/spinach muffin

Veal fillet
baked cauliflower ~ salted beets ~ lingon berries ~ thyme glaze ~ mashed potatoes with west sea cheese


Tivoli Hotel Peach Melba

Raspberry coulis
Italian merengue ~ sweet ginger ~ pistachio crumble ~ olive oil

White chocolate tarte
orange sauce ~ strawberry jelly ~ strawberry snow

Pear trifle
nougatiin crunch ~ cognac/caramel sauce ~ pear crisps

Apple mousse
vanilla/cinnamon cream ~ peanut crunch

2 courses

Price per person

DKK 340,-

3 courses

Price per person

DKK 415,-