Breakfast in Tivoli Brasserie

Every day in Tivoli Brasserie we are serving a big, delicious breakfast buffet for all guests staying in Standard, Superior and Family rooms. You can see the delicious selection below. 


Rolls – Rye bread – Rye toast bread – Crisp bread – Cinnamon pastry – Loaf of bread

Everything else

Nutella – Peanut butter

Strawberry jam – Raspberry jam – Orange jam

Diet jam

Grains, nuts, cereals, dried fruit and berries

Sunflower seeds – Pumpkin seeds – Chia seeds

Walnuts – Peanuts – Hazelnuts

Oats – Corn flakes – Coco Pops – Oat pops – Muesli

Strawberry – Melon – Papaya – Coconut – Green raisins – Cranberry

Cane sugar – Muscovado sugar

From the ocean

Smoked salmon – Cured salmon

Marinated herring with onions and pickles – Cured herring with capers

Mustard herring

From the butcher

Turkey – Ham – Turkey chorizo – Beef salami

From the dairy

Strawberry yogurt – Pear/Banana yogurt – Yogurt Natural

Organic butter – Diet butter

Philadelphia cream cheese

Cheese board with European cheeses, pickled walnuts and chutney

Gouda cheese


From the kitchen garden

Raw vegetable salad – Lentil salad

Fruit market of fresh fruit

Sliced fruit (Melon & Pineapple)

Carrots – Cucumber – Celery – Radish – Cherry tomatoes – Olives

Hot station


Scrambled eggs

Baked beans

Hash browns

Warm liver paté

Soft-boiled eggs

Apple crumble


Chilli sauce – Tabasco – Ketchup – HP Sauce – Worchestershire Sauce – Mustard


(Request by the waiter)

Gluten free bread

Lactose free milk– Almond milk– Oat milk– Soy milk


Cold beverages

Icewater with fresh herbs – Apple juice – Orange juice


Hot beverages

Puro Fairtrade Coffee & Tea – Cocoa

Price per person

The Breakfast buffet is served in Tivoli Brasserie on the 2nd floor

DKK 185,-

Price for children under 12

DKK 100,-