Dear guest,

The following terms and conditions apply in respect of your booking for dinner in Tivoli Brasserie for the Comedy Aid Show on December 30th 2016;


1. Conclusion of the Agreement

Agreement to purchase is binding between Tivoli Brasserie and the buyer when the seller has registered payment.
All prices are in Danish kroner, incl. VAT. Fee on the use of credit cards are not subject to VAT.
The purchase agreement is entered into in Danish.

2. Payment

Payment details are encrypted in agreement with ePay. There is no extraneous to gain insight into the buyer's credit card information, like Tivoli Hotel do not see and / store card details.
Tivoli Hotel will retain the name, address, phone number and e-mail of the individual buyer.

Amount is debited to the buyer's account when the buyer accepts the order on the vendor's website. Immediately thereafter a confirmation email is forwarded.

Purchases made by credit card are charged a card fee.
Dankort: No fee
Using Danish and foreign credit card a fee of 0.75% - 3.00% depending on the credit card used.
The fee is calculated when you enter your card number and expiration date in the payment window.

3. Validation

Bookings are only valid for the purchased event and can't be exchanged / replaced by other events.

4. Returns

Until 30 days before the event date, the purchase of the event may be cancelled by the buyer. The buyer will be reimbursed the total amount of the arrangement, except the credit card fee.

Less than 30 days to event date, it is not possible to cancel the purchase of the event.

If the buyer wants to cancel the purchase of the event, the buyer must follow the link in the confirmation email sent and fill in the necessary information for cancellation. The total amount is subsequently automatically returned at the purchaser's credit card.

5. Cancellation

Seller reserves the right to cancel the acquired events, for example due to low enrollment.
In case of cancellation by the seller, the buyer will be compensated with the total amount of purchased event, except the credit card fee.

6. Fedd-back

All feed-back must be addressed in writing to the Tivoli Brasserie by email. 

7. Other

Special dietary requirements that can affect the planned menu, such as allergies, vegetarian, etc. Please communicate this in the notes section when making online booking. Alternatively, latest 1 week before the event date by mail to Tivoli Brasserie. 

8. Contact Information

Tivoli Hotel & Congres Center
Att: Tivoli Brasserie
Arni Magnussons Gade 2-4
1577 København V.
Telefon: 44 87 00 00

Cvr. Nr. 54 39 92 19