Autumn buffet

Served daily in Tivoli Brasserie from 5.30pm – 9.30pm in the period October 11th – October 19th 2019

Each day we will be serving one of the following starters
Citrus marinated cod ~ dill salad ~ horseradish cream (3,4,7)
’On shell’ prawns ~ aioli ~ lemon (2,3)
Rillette of hot-smoked salmon ~ rye croutons ~ cress (1,4,6,7,8)

Each day will 3 of the following salads be served on the buffet
Broccoli salad ~ sundried cranberries ~ apple ~ toasted pumpkin seeds (8)
Tomato/avocado salad ~ mozzarella ~ red onions (7)
Couscous salad ~ piment ~ radish ~ marinated greens ~ mint yogurt (1,7)
Salt-baked beets ~ baby spinach ~ cottage cheese ~ sunflower seeds (7,8)
Marinated potatoes in lovage tapenade
Rigatoni ~ artichoke hearts ~ borretane onions ~ tomato pesto (1,3,7,8)
Cos lettuce ~ fennel ~ candy beets
Kamut ~ spring onions ~ semi-dried tomatoes ~ fresh herbs
Rocket ~ Skagen ham ~ baked figs in Balsamic (12)

Salad bar

Mixed salad ~ cabbage ~ cherry tomatoes ~ radish ~ peppers ~ spring onions ~ sprouts ~ pickled red onions Croutons (1,6,7) ~ pumpkin seeds (8) ~ sunflower seeds (8)
Creamy parmesan dressing (3,7) ~ Green coconut dressing (7) ~ salsa verde



Each day we will be serving two of the following meat
Braised short ribs (6) ~ veal filet ~ cornfed chicken breast ~ beef ball tip



Lemon-thyme jus ~ Sauce Bearnaise (3,7) ~ Grain mustard créme (7,10) ~ BBQ sauce (6)



Saute of butternut squash, cabbage and fresh chili
Confit mushrooms
Roasted small potatoes
Cauliflower gratin



Each day we will be serving one of the following seafood dishes
Cod loins baked with almonds, lemon and parsley (4,8)
Salmon with grain mustard (4,10)
Moules mariniéres (2,7,14)



Each day we will be serving one of the following vegetarian dishes
Quiche with leeks and courgette (1,3,7)
Nasi Goreng
Rigatoni pasta with baby spinach and sauce romesco (1,3,7,8)


Live cooking station med pasta

Design your own stir fry pasta dish. Choose from the following ingredients:
Mushrooms ~ peppers ~ broccoli ~ bok choy ~ water chestnuts ~ mange tout ~ spring onions ~ fresh chili

Stir fry sauces
Miso sauce (6) ~ Hoisin with garlic/chili (6,11) ~ Sesame/ginger marinade (6,11)

Meat or fish with the pasta
Each day we will be serving one of the following
Chicken skewer saté (6,11)
Tiger prawns in ponzu (2,6)

Toppings for the stir fry
Chili oil ~ chopped cashews (8) ~ fresh coriander



Each day we will be serving one of the following desserts
Chocolate Tiramisu (1,3,6,7)
Raspberry cheese cake (1,3,7)
Wild berry crumble with whipped cream (1,3,7)

Further desserts daily
Fruit skewers
Build your own ice cream with a selection of toppings (1,3,7)
Fresh fruit
Selection of cheese (7) ~ marinated walnuts (8) ~ plum compote ~ olives ~ rhubarb chutney ~ whole meal crackers (1,3,7)


For the kids

Build your own burger with beef patty, tomato, cucumber, salad ketchup and mayonnaise. (3,7) Fries
Pastasalad with chicken drums (1,3) ~ Lasagne (1,3,7) ~ Spaghetti Carbonara (1,3,7) ~ Crudité

Each day we will also be serving one of the following kids meals
Build your own hot dog with remoulade, cucumber salad and toasted onions (1,3,6,7,10)
Pita bread with pulled pork, sour cream, cucumber, tomato and salad (1,3,6,7)
Fish `n`chips. Breaded pieces of fresh cod with sauce tatar (1,3,4,7)

Price for children 0-2 years


Price for children 3-11 years

DKK 125,-

Price for adults (12+)

DKK 285,-


Note: Numbers in parentheses discloses allergen codes